How to start

If you are contemplating celebrating your wedding or vow renewal here in Mallorca, simply contact me, filling in the Questionnaire which you will find on the contact page, and I will send you an information sheet which explains the various wedding options and procedure to follow in each case. Once you have decided on the type of wedding that most suits you, I can start to design a plan to fit your requirements and budget.

If, on the other hand, you are planning a trip to Mallorca in the near future and would like to meet me to discuss your ideas, then let me have your travel dates and we can set up an appointment. Remember that I offer an initial 2 hour consultation totally free of charge.

Should you decide to take up the services of MALLORCA BLESSINGS, a deposit will be required to confirm any relevant bookings made on your behalf.



Spain is a country notorious for its bureaucracy where often large amounts of paperwork are required for the simplest of transactions. Fortunately in recent years things have become much less complicated.

In the case of non-resident couples wishing to have a Roman Catholic wedding, the procedure to follow and documents required for the issue of a marriage licence, are much the same as they would be in their own country.

Non Roman Catholics will need to have a civil ceremony in their country of origin before coming to Mallorca, but can then opt for a religious wedding either in a local Spanish church or other suitable venue. Couples wishing for a secular or non-religious wedding can celebrate it in an hotel, private villa, finca or other venue of their choice.

A civil marriage ceremony is only possible in Mallorca if one of other of the couple has been a resident here for a minimum of 2 years.


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Irish weddings

Over recent years I have worked with numerous couples from Ireland and have learned some of their lovely wedding traditions and customs.

The ceremony of the Unity Candle; the bride and groom´s mothers bringing the “gifts” to the altar and so playing an important part in the wedding; Irish music, good, simple food (always with lots of potatoes!) and a fantastic, fun-filled party.

Why not incorporate all of these into your celebrations and enjoy a traditional “Irish-style” wedding here in Mallorca? The only difference is that we can be (almost) sure that it wont be raining!”